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GTS, an Autogas Group Company, is engaged in the production and distribution of special, technical and pure gases. GTS operates in different sectors such as aerosol, refrigeration, construction, food industries and many others.
Our skilled and experienced team is the engine to provide you with high quality gases and customized solutions.

International Market


GTS North West Europe will attend Aerosol & Dispensing Forum 2017
03 January 2017
GTS North West Europe will attend the 2017 Aerosol & Dispensing Forum exhibition in Paris, Wednesday 18 & Thursday 19 January...
GTS spa will attend Chillventa 2016
06 September 2016
GTS spa will attend the 2016  Chillventa exhibition in Nurenberg, Oct 11-13. We’ll welcome you on Hall 7A booth n°716

Autogas Group

Autogas Group
Energy, heat, efficiency and energy saving: the Autogas Group, leader in the GPL gas  sector for over 60 years, garantees realibility and quality, also in renewable energy. Discover the world of the Autogas Group, experts and  leaders of the energy sector!