Natural Refrigerant Gases

Natural Refrigerant Gases

Natural Refrigerant Gases

POLARPURE GAS is our HYDROCARBON REFRIGERANT product line. Our purification unit enables us to get minimum purity of 99.5%.

Our refrigerants provide a very low GWP and no ozone depletion. As a natural refrigerant, our polar pure gases represent the best (eco-friendly and cost-effective) alternative to HFC for which phase-out has already started.

Our Products Range

Our pure Isobutane is mainly used in domestic refrigeration (fridge & freezer). This product is also suitable for special applications such as in the LNG plant, power plant, etc.

Our pure Propane is mostly used with AC systems, out-of-the-shelf freezers & refrigerators, ice cube machines, bottle coolers, vending machines, cascade supermarket refrigeration systems, etc.
This represents the best green alternative to the very environmentally harmful R22

Our pure n-Butane can be used as such or constitute a blending component.

Our Propylene polymer grade (99.5%+) is also used as a refrigerant.

Please do not hesitate to request a special blend, we will be delighted to provide you with a customized mixture.

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