GTS has established itself over the years as a key player in the production of technical gases, an area in which it has gained significant experience. Thanks to complete control of the supply chain of n-butane, isobutane and propane and the exclusive distribution of high-purity propylene, GTS offers a range of products of the highest quality to multiple industries, both domestic and international, while continuously guaranteeing levels of excellence.


GTS offers a vast range of solutions: from aerosol propellants for the cosmetic sector (e.g., deodorants and shaving foam), for the technical sector (such as lubricants and household products) and food sector (dyes and release agents), for industrial propellants (packaging, insulation protection), for technical propellants (lubricants and paints) and food propellants (including crunchy ice and decorations), as well as gases for industrial applications (welding, carbon black and scarfing) and gases used, among other things, in domestic and commercial refrigeration and heat pumps.


GTS’s main Italian production facility is situated in Arquà Polesine (Rovigo). In addition to being equipped with its own laboratory, it features an innovative distillation plant that focusses on ensuring the excellence of Isobutane and Propane products for refrigeration use. Constructed in 2020, the plant adheres to the strictest international standards and utilises a range of raw materials not previously thought possible. The plant has other important features: for example, it guarantees low water consumption thanks to heating and cooling managed by combined control; it does not use diathermic oil, and its system is coordinated by heat pumps that use the same R290 gas used and produced by GTS. The plant is powered by a 1MWp ground-mounted photovoltaic system, making GTS the ideal partner for those businesses "Scope 3". Indeed, sustainability is one of the foundational pillars motivating the construction and performance of this plant: with the production of propane, iso-butane, n-butane and propylene exceeding the concentration of 3.5, it maximises the performance of cooling and heating equipment.


GTS also has an efficient logistics and transportation department, which is further bolstered by the support of some of the best European companies specialising in the movement of gases. This strategic choice has enabled increased reliability and flexibility, together with excellent cost effectiveness. It also guarantees the smartest solution based on the individual case (by road, rail or air) for finalising transport and delivery, even when handling large cylinders.


For some years now, the company has had several branches throughout the world: two in Italy, one in Belgium, one in Romania, one in Brazil and one in Thailand to cover all markets. Export activities are facilitated by connections with the international ports of RotterdamAntwerpVenice and Genoa, which allow the company to reach all continents, satisfying the demands of global customers in a rapid, efficient and safe way.