GTS achieves Sustainable Milestone with 995KWp solar plant in Arquà Polesine

gts valori impianto arqua

In a significant step towards sustainable operations, GTS has proudly announced the initial performance of its newly installed solar photovoltaic facility at the Arquà Polesine site

This cutting-edge installation, with an impressive capacity of 995KWp, marks a pivotal moment in the company’s commitment to eco-friendly practices and reducing carbon footprint.

The Arquà Polesine facility, renowned for its innovative approach to refrigeration, utilizes natural refrigerants R290, R600a, R600 and R1270. These substances are the sole products of a unique distillation plant powered by heat pumps that run on R290 refrigerant. The photovoltaic system effectively fuels the entire depot. Notably, 90%-95% of the generated energy is dedicated to powering the facility's central column, especially when it's operational.

Despite today's partially cloudy winter weather conditions, the solar plant is already demonstrating its efficacy, covering 82% of the site's energy consumption. This remarkable achievement not only exemplifies GTS's dedication to sustainable practices but also showcases the potential of renewable energy in industrial applications.

The successful implementation of this solar power plant represents a significant stride in GTS's journey towards sustainability. By lowering the company’s “Scope 3” emissions, GTS is not just transforming its operations but is also contributing to a greener and more efficient world.

With these promising initial results, the company is keen to communicate the savings and benefits brought about by this initiative. The data provided will be a valuable asset for marketing purposes, enhancing GTS's Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) profile. 

This project stands as a testament to GTS's forward-thinking approach and its commitment to embracing renewable energy for a more sustainable future.