Paolo Zunino su Green Cooling e la Natural Refrigerants Revolution


In the context of the "Cool Talks" interview series, Paolo Zunino, CEO of GTS S.p.A., with over thirty years of experience across various market sectors, shares his perspective on Green Cooling and the transformation of refrigerants. The goal is ambitious: to make the cooling industry more sustainable for the benefit of people, the environment, and our shared future.

The decision to join the Green Cooling Initiative was driven by the perfect alignment between "mission" and initiative. The GCI Network is an alliance that brings together key players in the refrigeration, air conditioning, and foam industry, including government institutions, international organizations, and the private sector, all united by the same purpose.

With a background in electronic engineering and years of experience in sales and business management, Paolo Zunino is an industry expert. GTS S.p.A. has been actively engaged in the development of natural refrigerants worldwide since 2017, demonstrating a strong commitment to sustainability.

A crucial aspect of GTS's contribution to the sustainability of the RAC (Refrigeration and Air Conditioning) sector is the production of R290 and R600a refrigerants. These natural refrigerants boast a sustainable CO2 footprint and are produced through a distillery that uses R290 heat pumps powered by a 1 MW solar plant. This enables GTS to reduce "Scope 3" emissions and thereby contribute to a greener world.

However, the path to Green Cooling is not without challenges. Zunino identifies the opposition of "major chemical manufacturers" as one of the primary obstacles. The ultimate goal, according to him, is a cooling sector where natural refrigerants are the only permitted option, while chemical gases (such as those with ODP, GWP, PFAS) are prohibited.

We remain confident about the future of the transition to Green Cooling. The technology exists, the path has been laid, and sustainable progress is unstoppable. Addressing concerns about the safety of natural refrigerants, Zunino highlights how flammable gases have been present in our daily lives (such as methane in kitchens) for decades, demonstrating that managing such gases is not an insurmountable danger.

In conclusion, this interview provides a comprehensive overview of GTS S.p.A.'s mission and vision regarding Green Cooling. Our experience and passion for the environment reflect a tangible commitment to making the world a cooler and more sustainable place through the revolution of natural refrigerants.