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GTS a QUIRIS Holding Industriale company works in the sectors of production and distribution of special, technical and pure gases. The high degree of professionalism and specialization, as well as the vast array of customized solutions and high-quality products offered, characterize the company’s profile.

GTS carries out its activities in different sectors such as the aerosol industry, refrigeration, construction, food and many other fields. 

Thanks to its total control of the supply chain of n-butane, isobutane and propane and the exclusive distribution of propylene with a high degree of purity, GTS is a leading company in the production and sale of special gas-based products.


GTS’s mission is to guarantee continuous support to its partners in terms of growth and development through:

  • 2 sites in Italy for the markets of South Europe, Africa and the Americas
  • 1 site in Belgium for the markets of Central and North-West Europe
  • 1 site in Romania for the Eastern European market
  • 1 site in Thailand for the markets of Asia and Oceania

which guarantee the convenient and safe provision of goods to customers. GTS’ partners can therefore consider the supply of raw materials to be guaranteed.



GTS is a dynamic company, committed to various projects involving the production of new gases and new applications.


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GTS is a dynamic company engaged in several European and international projects

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TUV Austria

Certificate of compliance with ISO 9001:2015 no. Q-1334-15
Purpose: Marketing of propellant gases, aerosols and refrigerant gases R600, R600A, R290, R1270