GTS achieves the ATMO Approved Label: A Milestone in the Natural Refrigerant Sector


Continuing the Tale of GTS's Notable Recognition for Natural Refrigerant Production The story continues with the notable recognition received by the Italian company GTS, celebrated for its production of natural refrigerant gases. This marks a significant stride in the realm of sustainable energy.

The company received the coveted ATMO Approved label from ATMOsphere, recognized as a global market accelerator for clean cooling and heating solutions.

The Evolution of ATMOsphere and the Excellence Label

Launched by ATMOsphere (formerly known as Shecco) in June 2022, the ATMO Approved label has quickly become a global gold standard. This recognition is designated for top manufacturers of natural refrigerant systems and components, highlighting excellence and innovation in the industry. In 2023, leading manufacturers such as Fenagy, SCM Frigo, and Güntner received this accolade, demonstrating the label's growing significance in the sector.

GTS's Commitment to the Environment

Paolo Zunino, CEO of GTS, expressed pride and satisfaction in receiving the accolade, emphasizing the importance of a shared commitment to sustainable solutions. GTS produces over 15,000 metric tons annually of Polarpure-branded natural refrigerant gases, with a purity of up to 99.99%. Their production includes propane (R290), isobutane (R600a), n-butane (R600), propylene (R1270), and mixtures of propane and propylene.

GTS's Eco-Friendly Production Facility

The distillation plant of GTS in Arquà Polesine, northeastern Italy, stands as a model of efficiency and sustainability. It uses R290 heat pumps and is powered by a 1MW solar plant, contributing to the reduction of CO2e emissions (Scope 3) and reinforcing the company's commitment to the environment.

GTS's Global Impact and Product Distribution

With branches in Italy, Belgium, Romania, Brazil, and Thailand, GTS has a significant global impact. It supplies its products to various sectors, including refrigeration, food, construction, and aerosols, ensuring the highest quality and preventing contamination through specialized transportation.

The Vision of ATMOsphere and the Future

ATMOsphere aims to steer the market towards cleaner solutions with the use of natural refrigerants. ATMOsphere's vision, along with stringent criteria for awarding the label, represents a commitment to the environment and quality, encouraging companies to pursue sustainability and innovation.

Conclusion: A Recognition Looking Towards the Future

GTS's attainment of the ATMO Approved label is not only a recognition of their current commitment but also a step towards a more sustainable future in the refrigerant sector. This success of GTS highlights the importance of high standards and a concrete commitment to ecological and innovative solutions.

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