GTS Goes Online on Hydrocarbons21: Unveiling Cutting-Edge Natural Refrigerants


We are pleased to inform you that GTS is online on Hydrocarbons21 (one of the most important websites for natural refrigerants).
We are present both as partners and in the marketplace with our highly sought-after R290, thanks to the new REPowerEU policy and the consequent development of Propane Heat Pumps. You can find us at this adress: https://hydrocarbons21.com/gts and our R290 product at this link: https://hydrocarbons21.com/product/polarpure-r290/

About GTS

GTS, a company under 'QUIRIS Holding Industriale', operates in the production and distribution of special, technical, and pure gases. Our activities span various sectors including aerosol industry, refrigeration, construction, food, and many others. With complete control over the supply chain of n-butane, isobutane, propane, and exclusive distribution of high-purity propylene, GTS is a leading producer and seller of gas-based special products.
GTS produces over 25,000 tons of natural refrigerant gases annually, including R290, R600A, R600, and R1270. With branches in Italy, Belgium, Romania, Brazil, and Thailand, we ensure worldwide supply using our own trucks, isotanks, and cylinders, guaranteeing top quality and avoiding contamination.

Our Range of Refrigerant Gases

GTS offers a range of refrigerant gases tailored to specific needs and applications:

  • Polarpure R600A refrigerant gas: GTS pure isobutane is primarily used for domestic refrigeration (fridges and freezers) and also finds applications in LNG plants, power stations, and more.
  • Polarpure R290 refrigerant gas: GTS pure propane is widely used in air conditioning systems, commercial freezers and refrigerators, ice-making machines, bottle coolers, vending machines, and cascade refrigeration systems for supermarkets. This gas is the best ecological alternative to the environmentally harmful R134a.
  • Polarpure R1270 refrigerant gas: GTS polymer-grade propylene (99.5%+) is also utilized as a refrigerant.
  • Polarpure R433A, R433B, R433C refrigerant gases: GTS offers polymer-grade pure propane and propylene mixtures (99.5%+) as refrigerants.


GTS manufactures R290 and R600a natural refrigerants with a sustainable CO2 footprint, through a distillation plant using R290 HEAT PUMPS and powered by a 1MW solar plant. By reducing our “Scope 3” emissions, we make the world greener and more efficient with GTS refrigerants.
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