GTS signs the New ATMO Statement

GTS signs the New ATMO Statement

GTS, leading company in the production and distribution of special, technical, and pure gases, is among the signatories of the new ATMO Statement.
With this document, we call on EU policymakers to show greater ambition in the revision of the EU F-gas Regulation and specifically ask Member States and the European Commission to support the leadership of the European Parliament in the upcoming trilogue.

With an ambitious EU F-gas Regulation, Europe can continue to set the pace globally, boost innovation, create future-oriented jobs, and respect the environment.

We also urge policymakers to make training and certification on natural refrigerants mandatory in the EU F-gas to accelerate their adoption among Member States.

We invite them to refer to the latest IPCC science of the United Nations when drafting climate legislation and to consider the real GWP impact of fluorinated substances best reflected by a 20-year time horizon.

We urge policymakers to support the widely available PFAS-free alternatives today in the new EU F-gas Regulation to avoid further environmental pollution and to impose bans on gases deemed harmful to provide certainty to investors and manufacturers.

These intentions will be presented at the ATMOsphere Europe Summit 2023, which will take place on the 19th-20th September 2023 at Hotel Le Plaza Brussels, Belgium.